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What Is The Hair Transplant With The Sapphire Tip?

With advances in technology, hair transplantation techniques and hair loss treatments are experiencing new developments every day. Hair transplant operations, which have become minimally invasive procedures, have taken on the current state in parallel with the development of the instruments used. The natural results obtained with the FUE method, one of the most modern hair transplant techniques, have reached a further achievement with the use of special instruments with a sapphire tip.




  • Smooth surface with antibacterial properties, hardness, sharpness, less vibration, minimize the risk of tissues damage.
  • The FUE performed with a sapphire tip, allows to reach a bigger density than other metal tips and can also be applied to patients with a more advanced hair loss phases.
  • It gives a more natural appearance reaching an high hair density.
  • Allows to open the channels by injecting less subcutaneous fluid than other metal tips.
  • Since the observed edema level is lower than other metal tips, the post operative is more comfortable for the patients.
  • The tissues healing is faster thanks to the micro slits and the skin is become homogeneous.
  • Since the bulbs are implanted in the channels opened by their exact dimensions and with a natural angle, there is no way for the roots to move or for the angles to change.


FUE, the hair transplantation technique recognized all over the world, is able today to fully satisfy people’s expectations in terms of quality and excellence, through the use of sapphire tip.


The Advantages Of Fue Technology

  • Hair can be transplanted with high density and a natural appearance.
  • It is a permanent solution for different stages of baldness and thinning hair.
  • It is a painless procedure due to the presence of anesthesia and without scars or stitches after the operation.
  • The Recovery time after FUE is fast; patients can immediately return to their routine and travel the day after the operation.
  • If the hair transplant operation is performed correctly, the follicles taken from the donor area will not be damaged. In this way, there is no negative change in the appearance of the person, even after several operations.
  • Transplanted hair has a 98% regrowth rate.


Hair Transplant With Fue Technique

Although the origins of hair transplantation are very old, the procedure began to be used worldwide in the mid-1990s. Hair transplantation was initially performed by using the FUT method, which was later replaced by the FUE method, developed at the beginning of 2000 and became effective after 2005. Since then, the technique has evolved thanks to the advent of new technologies, but the principles of the FUE have not changed. The FUE method, considered one of the most recent and modern hair transplant techniques, offers the possibility of a natural appearance with the follicular units implantation.

The advantage of the FUE technique is surely the rapid healing process, with an almost absent scarring presence. The success of the operation through the FUE technology is also due to the use of state-of-the-art medical instruments.

There are different types of Fue:

  • Classical FUE
  • DHI hair transplantation (FUE with Choi implanter)
  • FUE Sapphire (FUE with sapphire tip)

The FUE method with sapphire tips, a recently developer technique, shows very positive results. The reason for this lies in the smoothness of the sapphire which allows a much faster recovery with fewer traces.