Sapphire Fue Hair Transplant

Although the Sapphire Fue hair transplantation method is not much different from other transplantation methods, with this technique the micro channels are opened by fine tips of sapphire, a precious stone. On the contrary, in classical fue, the process is performed by metal slit. Likewise, after the follicles are taken one by one from the donor area, they are carefully placed according to the direction and angle of the hair

What are the Advantages of Sapphire Fue Method over Classic Fue Method?

FUE technique performed with a sapphire tip, allows to reach a higher density than other metal tips, lending a more natural appearance. Sapphire FUE can also be applied to patients with a more advanced hair loss stages.​In addition, sapphire tipped micro tools have anti-bacterial properties and are long lasting.

Why Choose Sapphire Fue?

In the hair transplant process, the collected hair follicles are placed inside micro channels obtained by the use of thin metal tips. With the Sapphire Fue, thanks to the different composition of the tip, tissue damage is minimal and therefore the healing process is much faster. Together with the more comfort experience for the patient, the greater hair density reached by the use of the technique is added.

What to expect after Sapphire Fue Transplant? What to pay attention to?

Although the tissue damage is less in the Sapphire Fue method, some risks are always present that is why the doctor will give to the patient all the detailed information about the process. After the hair transplant It is natural to face some loss, don’t need to panic. While it may take from 3 to 6 months for the hair to begin to regrow, it may take up to 1 year to reach a completely natural appearance. Following the advices given by your doctor will reduce the risks and make the process more comfortable. In addition, having PRP sessions (plasma rich of platelets) and taking vitamines supplements during the regrowth process, will help the hair to be stronger.

Price of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplantation

It is not possible to give a specific price about the hair transplant. The chaging economic conditions and the type of intervention to be performed, according to the characteristics of the patient, are some of the factors that influence the cost of a transplant. To get more detailed information, we recommend that to visit our clinic or contact our team. We provide the best quality services at the best price.


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