What is hair laser?

It is a successfully applied hair laser to thicken hair, stop hair loss and apply new hair in order to help the development of your treatment plan in Estepol. During the hair laser application, the patient is in a comfortable and relaxed environment; while receiving their treatmeants, they can read books, listen to music in a pleasant way.

How is hair laser applied?

Laser beams penetrate under the skin to stimulate the inactive hair follicles and accelerate blood circulation, the development of new hair follicle and the thickening of thin hair provides benefit. The treatment strengthens existing hair, new hair grows and existing hair becomes more voluminous. As a first step, a treatment protocol is applied twice a week for 20 minutes. During this treatment, serum is administered with tiny needles. Both laser and serum together, hair is strengthened with a treatment without translplanting. Growth factor serum is applied to the scalp opening small channels on the scalp. After the serum is fed with a moving massage to the scalp, laser starts to be applied on patient.

Is hair laser preferable for women?

Especially in women the hair laser provides a solution to a large extent, transplantation is usually the last resort. The primary objective is to activate the structure that can be strengthened, stop the hair loss, make the hair more vivid, shiny and good quality. Hair loss in women is 60-65 percent genetics. In addition, thyroid hormone, female hormone, vitamin deficiencies, significant proportion of elements such as iron, zinc, selenium causes hair loss in women. For this reason, when the person comes is taken under a test first. If there is a hormonal condition, the treatment is planned by working in partnership with a gynaecologist. Hair laser is also applied in this direction.

If we look at the treatments used in hair treatment in women; PRP, Growth Factor treatment and serum and laser treatment developed by Estepol Hair can be counted. Laser treatment is 6 months process in which hair quality and density increase is seen.

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