Why Hair Transplant?

Hair transplantation is a permanent solution for hair loss or baldness problems. Hair loss is typically related  to one or more factors; although it is generally caused by genetic factors, the loss can also occur from  psychological problems such as stress at an early age. Another reason is age-related hair loss, which is seen as a natural cause. Before starting the hair transplant operation, the reason for the hair loss should be determined. As a result, the necessary examinations will be made and it will be discusses which method will be more suitable for the patient. According to him, it will be decided which hair transplant method will be applied.

How Hair Transplantation Works?

Although there are many alternatives for hair transplantation, three basic stages are valid for most of the methods: collecting the hair follicles, opening the channels and implanting the roots to the opened channels. Even if this is the basic principle of hair transplantation, the application methods and the
materials used can differ.

What Are The Duties Of The Clinic Before Hair Transplantation?

Before a hair transplantation, a good analysis of the hair should be done. One of the most effective methods in determining the technique of hair transplantation is the hair analysis. Apart from that, age and gender of the patient are to be considered. The Clinic must provide the patient with all the information about the treatment process. If the patient starts the treatment comfortably, the process will proceeds healthy and smooth.

What are the Duties of the Patient Before Hair Transplantation?

Nowadays it is possible to travel all over the world to undergo a hair transplant. However some aspects need to be considered, in order to make the best choice. Hospitals and clinics that perform hair transplantation have a certain quality and this quality varies from country to country as well as within the country. For this reason, the patients should make a very good research. So, how to do this research? They may consult a person who has had a hair transplant before; visit the clinic or hospital to have a face-to-face meeting; contact and requesting info by phone/e-mail or visit the web page.

Why Should I Prefer a Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Turkey is today among the leading countries for hair transplantation. Patients come to our country from all over the world to undergo cosmetic procedures and also take the opportunity to do a few days of tourism. Turkey has a very advantageous offer compared to other European countries, boasting a high quality of services, given by the great specialization in the aesthetic sector. For this reason it continues to be among the favorite destinations for the good quality / price ratio.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Estepol is an award-winning center that has decades of experience in hair transplantation. Our team is composed only of qualified professionals in the medical sector, who follow with care and dedication every single patient from their arrival to their departure. For an even more comfortable stay, we provide private airport transfer, reservations at our partner hotels and the presence of our interpreters, always ready to help our patients.


What are the Techniques used in Hair Transplantation?

Following the advent of new technologies, various techniques for hair transplantation have developed. The Fut technique is the most ancient, it has been used for a long time and has proved to be the main factor for the development of the other techniques. To date, the most popular techniques are: classic FUE and Sapphire FUE, DHI technique and Robotic hair transplantation. Not all hair transplant methods are equally applicable to every person. The doctor and his team will decide on the most appropriate treatment method for each patient.

What to Pay Attention After a Hair Transplant?

You should stay away from hot environments such as saunas and solariums for 2-3 weeks after the hair transplant, avoid direct sun exposure, strain and watery environments such as the sea and swimming pool, during the first month. Avoid cutting your hair for 2-3 weeks after the transplant and only after this time you can dare to trim with the help of scissors. In any case, it  advisable to let at least 2 months pass before returning to the hairdresser and not to use the razor in the transplanted areas for at least 6 months. If these precautions are not followed, the regrowth process could be damaged. In the first 2 days after the hair transplant, the hair should not be washed in any way. The washing program will start 2 days after the transplant and must be done gently, so as not to damage the hair follicles.


Is there a better method in hair transplantation?

It would be absolutely wrong to refer to a transplant technique as the best method. The most suitable treatment for each single case will be decided in the analysis phase and communicated to the patient.

Are there any side effects in hair transplantation?

As with any type of skin treatment, there may be side effects from the hair transplant. In addition to problems such as redness, crusting and swelling, there is also a very low risk of infection. Doctors take great responsibility to minimize this risk.

Can follicles taken from another person be transplanted?

Since this is a tissue transplant, there are currently no successful cases.

Does the transplanted hair look natural?

In hair transplant operations performed by specialists, under the right sanitary conditions, a satisfactory level of naturalness can be achieved.

Is hair transplantation a dangerous process?

Hair transplantation continues to be performed with much more success in recent years and its side effects have been minimized. This treatment does not represent any danger. People with diabetes, blood pressure problems and over the age of 60 can also benefit from this treatment without any problems.

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