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Hair Transplant Without Needles, Without Pain

In hair transplantation, local anesthesia is applied in the donor area, before the follicles are extracted, and in the areas where the follicles will be implanted. Local anesthesia, performed by injections, takes a few minutes for the substance to be active and take effect. The insertion of the needle into the skin can naturally lead to a temporary feeling of discomfort in the patient.

Today, thanks to the use of modern anesthetic devices, hair transplantation can be performed in a totally painless way. These special devices can in fact convey the anesthetics inside the skin using a pressurized spray. The time required for subcutaneous anesthesia to take effect is slightly longer than for the classic needles.

Needles-free anesthesia, through the liquid jet system, spreads in a wider area than the local needles anesthesia, thus increasing the effect and providing a more homogeneous anesthetic spread.

Thanks to this new method, even those who are afraid of needles, can now safely undergo an hair transplant.