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One of the most frequently asked questions by the patients who are planning to undergo hair transplant operation is whether the procedure is painful or if there is any discomfort during the process.
Sedation is a medical procedure that commonly induces the nervous system to calm, keeping all the reflexes of the patient, using sedative medicines.
During an hair transplant performed with sedation, the patient is calm and relaxed with a lower perception of the passage of time. The patient doesn’t have any pain or discomfort feeling through the whole surgery: grafts extraction, opening channels and the follicles transplantation. The preferred conditions of sedation in hair transplant operations are as follows: people with fear of needles, people with fear of intense operations, people with anxiety disorders, people with low pain threshold.
If you would like to have an hair transplantation and you are hesitating with the thought that it is a painful process, contact us to change your mind and learn all the details.