• Avoid alchohol consumption at least 3 days before the hair transplantation.
  • Before the operation please inform the doctor about the medicines you are using. Stop yourhair treatment prodoucts and topics 15 days before the operation (ex. Minoxidil).
  • Wash your hair and do not use gel, spray after washing.
  • Before coming to the hospital make sure to have your breakfast.
  • 1 month before the operation stop the consumption of vitamin B and E. 1 day bebore the operation stop the consumption of vitamin C since it increases your bleeding ans so the operation time is extended.
  • We don’t recommend driving for 6 hours after the operation, if you are coming with your car, make sure you have someone with you to drive.
  • When you come to the operation, try to wear something to avoid rub your head while your wear and take off your clotes (shirt, cardigan etc) .
  • Since the operation is a long process, people the may come with you can get tired of waiting. They can join you later on.
  • Please be at the hospital or at the lobby of the hotel at the requested time.


  • Afer the hair transplantation, especially during the first 72 hours, you should lie down at an angle of 45 degrees on your back. If you lie with your face down, the fluid used during the operation may come down and your face may swell. If there is swelling in the forehead, the 80% will disappear within 3 days.
  • Avoid any contact with the transplanted area for a week. Specially during the first day you will experience loss of sensation due to the anesthesia. Be particularly careful when getting in and our of the car.
  • The day after the hair transplantation, you may see blood leakage especially with serum on your nape area. Don’t panic, this is normal. The serum in the area where the follicles are taken, is coming out.
  • After the operation you will be given all of your medicines. Use them as described.
  • Avoid rapid movements and physical exertion for a week after the hair transplantation. Again choose to wear a shirt or comfortable clotes for a week.
  • During the first 15 days avoid pool, sea, sauna and steam bath for the risk ofinfections. Take one month to rest if possible to you.
  • In the first mont after the hair transplantation, heavy sport is not allowed (Boxing, football, basketball etc.). Other than this, fitness, body building, running, etc. Can be made 15 days after the operation.
  • For the first three days following the hair transplantation, sexual intercourse is not recommended.
  • You will need to use antibiotics for the first 5 days after the hair transplantation. You should not use alcohol during this period.
  • After a month of hair growth, you can go to your hairdresser but do not shorten the transplanted area. During the first 1 year, absolutely not use razor blade on your transplanted area (only scissor).
  • The loss of sensation on your neck are may continue for 3 weeks after the hair transplantation. When you put your head on the pillow, it is normal to feel like needles. If you have itching in your nape area, you can consult the doctor.
  • 3 weeks after the hair transplantation, it is recommended that you use care products to protect your existing hair and to improve the recovery time of the transplanted hair.
  • Acne in the transplanted area is normal and it is part of the healing process. Very rarely, it can be exposed to infection and so the pimples should not tighten. You should consult your doctor and if necessary you will be given a pomade with antibiotics.
  • Hair dryer can be used 6 months afer the transplantation.
  • After the hair transplantation, the hair lasts for the first 15 days and in a month they start to fall out slowly. The hair will start to grown again from the 3-4 months, gradually. Around the 9-12 months, you will see the final result and a very natural look.
  • As the cigarette slow the blood flow, it will damage your circulation and delay healing. Please reduce your smoking in the first 3 weeks after the hair transplantation.


  • The first wash after the hair transplantation will be done on the third day afer the operation.
  • We will provide you a shampoo to use during the washing. We recommend you to wash your hair for at least 10 days as described.
  • Use the towel in the manner specified in the instructions for drying the area.
  • When washing , make sure that the wateris warm and with no pressure.
  • After the 10th day of washing, you should start massaging the area with circular movements, in order to get rid of the crusts. The crusts prevent your skin oxygenation and they may damage your hair.
  • After the hair transplantation you will be givena special hat that you can wear after the first wash. Do not use beret style hats for the first 15 days.


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